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Analog audio transmitter to transmit audio signals over 300m   What... more
Product information "XT:LINE"
Analog audio transmitter to transmit audio signals over 300m


What you need to know about the XT:LINE

The trivum audio extender devices are professional solutions for transmitting audio signals over large distances using standard network cables..

The trivum XT:LINE is an audio transmitter with analog inputs. In connection with the optionally available XR:LINE, you can, for example, transmit the sound of a TV or CD player to the technical room using a CAT cable. There the trivum XR:LINE receiver then forwards the audio signal to an amplifier or multiroom system. If the source or a control device provides a trigger signal, this signal is passed on to the receiver.

  • Extends analog audio signals up to 300m via standard network cable
  • Ground lift switch for separating the signal ground
  • Trigger input for any DC / AC voltages between 5-24V
  • LED to display the operating status
  • Requires a trivum XR:LINE adapter as an audio receiver for operation
  • Only one power supply has to be used. This can be plugged into the receiver or transmitter.


Features of the XT:LINE

The trivum Audio Extender solution has the following advantages compared to direct connections (simple adapters or adapters with galvanic isolation):

  • up to 300 meters
    The active symmetrical transmission of the signals (audio + trigger + power supply) is the basis of the trivum Audio Extender solution.
  • Interference-free
    The symmetrical audio transmission minimizes interference noises caused by interference in the cable route. Due to its advantages, this complex technical solution is standard in many studios today.
  • Hum-free
    The active galvanic isolation of the transmitter and receiver means that there can be no hum loop caused by potential differences.
  • Neutral sound
    Contrary to the the solution using passive galvanic isolation with transformers, the transformerless digital isolators in the trivum solution is tonally better, because transformers change the sound by clipping the frequency response and adding distortion. The isolators and OP-Amps used in the active trivum extenders are technically far superior to the passive solution.
  • No delay
    Contrary to the products that work over IP networks, the trivum solution has no delay. IP solutions (radio or cable) have to digitize the audio signal, then transfer the data in packets over the network, then reassemble them in a buffer in order to finally convert them into an audio signal. That takes too long to e.g. transmit TV sound lip-synchronously.
  • Trigger signal
    A trigger signal is transmitted potential-free from the transmitter to the receiver. The voltage is adjusted to 12V. The trigger input reacts with high resistance to voltages between 5V and 24V. The trigger signal is then available at the receiver with a load capacity of 12V / 80mA.
  • Groundlift switch
    Ground lift prevents hum loops as it separates the signal ground from the transmitter and receiver. Groundlift should therefore be active by default. In rare cases it can still be helpful not to activate the ground lift: If excessive interference is not produced by ground loops. These disturbances (whistling, buzzing, rattling) are caused by unclean switching power supplies or plug-in power supplies without grounding.
  • Easy placement
    Contrary to the passive galvanic isolation using transformers, the trivum solution is not magnetically susceptible to interference. Therefore, the adapter can be placed anywhere, including in the area of power supplies.



  • Input
    • 1x Socket for DC Barrel plug (power supply)
    • 2x RCA (1x analog Stereo L/R)
    • 1x 2-pin socket with terminal block
  • Output
    • 1x RJ45 (1x Audiobus with CAT 5/6/7 cable up to 300m)


Technical details

  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Operating voltage: 12-15V (connect the only one power supply to the transmitter or to the receiver)
  • Power consumption: at 12V 65mA
  • Trigger input: 5-24V DC / AC voltage
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.116kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 95x55x32mm


Scope of supply

      • 1x trivum XT:LINE Analog Audio Transmitter
      • 1x 2-pin terminal block for trigger output
      • Note: There is no 15V power supply included
      • Note: There is no XR:LINE Analog Audio Receiver included


Connection example

XT:LINE trivum Audio Transmitter

1. Analog Stereo Line In

2. Trigger Input

3. Ground-Lift Switch

4. Audiobus Out


XT:LINE trivum Audio Transmitter


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trivum XT:LINE • Release Date:   September 2021 • Item No.:...
Product Information "Technical Specifications"


trivum XT:LINE

• Release Date: September 2021
• Item No.: 500041

• EAN No.: 4260393850934
• Customs Tariff No.: 85 198 100
• Product URL:


• Input :  2 x RCA (1 x analog stereo L/R)
• Input :  1 x 2-pin socket with terminal block
• Input :  1 x socket for barrel connector (power supply)
• Output : 1 x RJ45 (1 x audio bus with CAT 5/6/7 cable up to 300 m)

Operating Temperature

• 0°C to 50°C

Power supply

• Operating voltage :   12-15 V (connect the power supply either to the transmitter or to the receiver)
• Power consumption : 12V 65mA


• Aluminium, black
• Devices:  95mm x 55mm x  32 mm (WxHxD)

• With packaging: 185 mm x 85 mm x 168 mm (WxHxD)
• Weight: 0.116 kg

Scope of delivery

• 1x trivum XT:Line Analog Audio Receiver
• 1x 2-pin terminal block for trigger output
• 4x self-adhesive rubber feet (black) 

Note: No 15V power supply is included.
Note: It is not an XR: Line Audio Receiver included.


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