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Simple but flexible stereo amplifier     What you need to know... more
Product information "RA410v2"
Simple but flexible stereo amplifier  


What you need to know about the RA410v2

The RA410v2 is a simple but very flexible stereo amplifier for many purposes.

  • Amplifier with 2x40 Watt at 8 Ohm
  • Analog input with 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Trigger input
  • 0-10V input
  • 2 potentiometers for volume adjustment
  • DIP switch for configuration

RA410v2 features


The digital stereo amplifier delivers 2x40 watt at 8 ohms. It can drive a minimum of 4 ohm loads. This also allows you to operate several 8 ohm loudspeakers in parallel on one output.

Thanks to the digital power amplifier, the amplifier develops little heat and is therefore suitable for DIN rail mounting. Nevertheless, it is advisable to ventilate the control cabinet sufficiently.

Analog audio input

The music source is connected via a 3.5mm jack plug. Here in the trivum online shop we also offer adapters to connect other plugs or free cable ends to the 3.5mm jack socket. 

Trigger input

So that the amplifier is not always switched on, it is possible to use the trigger input to control on/off. A DIP switch is used to set whether the trigger input should be used.

0-10V input

The volume can be adjusted with a 0-10V signal. If variable volume is not desired, the RA410v2 will operate at 100% in standard mode. The RA410v2 supplies 10V at one connection in order to use a simple potentiometer to control the volume.
0-10V signals from e.g. SmartHome control systems can also be used, or the output of a 0-10V KNX dimming actuator.

Balance control via built-in potentiometer

Two built-in small potentiometers allow you to adjust the level of the 2 amplifier channels. This enables a balance setting - and also the limitation of the maximum volume.

2 DIP switches for configuration

You can configure the amplifier with the 2 DIP switches:

  1. Use triggers (Y/N).
    If not active, the amplifier is always on.
  2. Use 0-10V (Y/N).
    If not active, the volume is 100% and can be reduced/limited using the 2 built-in potentiometers.

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trivum RA410v2 • Release Date:  April 2022 • Article No.:  ...
Product Information "Technical Specifications"

trivum RA410v2

• Release Date: April 2022
Article No.: 500056
• EAN No.: 4260393851023
• Customs Tariff No.:85 198 100
• Product URL: https://eu.trivum.de/ra410v2


• 2x40 watts sinus at 8 ohms
• Class D amplifier (digital)

• Impedance of the connected speakers at least 4 ohms

Power supply

• DC 24V max. 80 watts
• Power consumption when off: < 1 watt


• REG housing with 2 HP
• Devices: 54 mm x 63 mm x  92 mm (WxHxD)

• With packaging: 61 mm x 72 mm x 95 mm (WxHxD)
• Weight: 0,085 kg

Setting options

• 1x potentiometer for: volume (when operating with 0-10V control, the maximum volume is set here)
• 1x potentiometer for: Balance
• 1x DIP switch for: Use trigger (Y/N)
• 1x DIP switch for: Use 0-10V (Y/N)


• 1x speaker stereo (2x 2-pin bar connector)
• 1x line input stereo (1x 3.5mm blade socket)
• 1x 4-pin bar connector for: Trigger In, 10V Out, 0-10V In, GND
• 1x power supply 24V +/- (2-pin screw terminal) 


 1x Status LED

Scope of delivery

• 1x trivum RA410v2
• 1x Quick Installation Guide


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