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Cable 20cm: jack 3.5mm to 2x RCA female
Cable 20cm: jack 3.5mm to 2x RCA female
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Cable 1m: jack 3.5mm to 2x RCA male
Cable 1m: jack 3.5mm to 2x RCA male
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SC311m/SC040m installation kit for 19" Rack
SC311m/SC040m installation kit for 19" Rack
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Toslink adaptor; 3,5 mm
Toslink adaptor; 3,5 mm
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Optical Toslink cable (digital)
Optical Toslink cable (digital)
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TouchPad 7
TouchPad 7
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The streaming system for 4 zones What you need to know about the SC040m... more
Product information "SC040m"
The streaming system for 4 zones

What you need to know about the SC040m

The SC040m is a 4 zone multiroom system for streaming

  • Highly flexible thanks to the trivum t3OS operating system.
  • For 4 rooms in combination with any external amplifier
  • 4x Streaming Clients
  • Ideal for AirPlay, Spotify Connect and Web Radio
  • Each room can hear different music
  • All rooms can be selected by AirPlay and Spotify Connect.
  • Other streaming sources: Music streaming from Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, Sound- Machine, DMD2, NAS and Web URLs
  • Free app for iOS and Android or can be used via browser
  • Integrates perfectly into KNX
  • Drivers for RTI, URC and Control4 available free of charge
  • The SC040m can be used stand-alone for 4 zones. It can be combined with other trivum sound systems for up to 64 zones
  • When using 2 SC040m, these can be mounted in 19" with an optional rack kit

Why the SC040m and not the... 

SC340m:  Like the SC040m, the SC340m is a 4 zone system with 4 streaming clients. The SC340m is intended for the direct connection of loudspeakers, while the SC040m can be connected to external amplifiers. The outputs provide both an analogue and a digital (S/PDIF) signal.

So it's a question of whether you want to use external amplifiers.

Characteristics of the SC040m

4 Streaming Clients

Streaming is the most important source of music today. The trivum streaming clients can play all important music formats and enable a wide selection of music sources: Internet Radio (TuneIn), Spotify Connect, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, Sound-Machine, NAS, AirPlay, Text2Speech or WebURLs.

Connection options for the USB-C sockets

The 2 USB-C sockets (MDAT and SDAT) have been supported since software V10. Matrix devices, i.e. SC344m, SC340m, SC404m and SC311m, can be connected to each other using a USB-C cable. Per cable, 4 stereo sources (streamer, tuner, AUX) can be passed on digitally from one device to a connected device without any time delay (latency-free). In the revised setup, it can be determined very precisely which sources should be used where. The Matrix devices can, for example, access TV or microphone signals from other Matrix devices without any delay. The setup supports configuration with colored information about detected cables. There is also a new "Connected Spaces" function which acoustically connects several zones without a grouping is necessary.

Operation / Control

Thanks to the intuitive app, the system is very easy to use - both on smartphones, in the web browser or on the trivum TouchPads. Thanks to the trivum t3OS operating system, the trivum sound systems are simple and very flexible at the same time. It includes many additional functions that make the SC040m a powerful control center in every home.
Please visit our Demo Area.

Use of external amplifiers

Other trivum products use built-in 2x30 Watt power amplifiers for the direct connection of loudspeakers. The SC040m has 4 preamplifier outputs (analogue/digital). This means you can use any amplifier for your speakers. This also opens up the possibility of using very powerful power amplifiers, allowing you to drive really large loudspeakers at party volume.

However, 70/100V amplifiers can also be used. This makes the SC040m the perfect playback device for commercial applications. Existing 100V systems can continue to be used and only the sources are replaced by the SC040m. 

KNX Integration

Like all trivum multiroom sound systems, the SC040m is also completely integrated into KNX. Simple KNX buttons can control the music in the room. All you need are 4 buttons! If a KNX visualization is available or planned, it can take over the music control. It's very easy, works great and brings real added value in the visualizations such as the GIRA QuadClient, Home Server or GIRA G1/X1.

In addition to the possibility of controlling the music functions via KNX, every trivum multiroom system also offers its own KNX visualization. In addition to music, you can also control lights (RGB, RGBW, tunable white), heating, roller shutters, etc. in the trivum app. Simple timers, presets and scenes are also part of the trivum visualization. Check out the KNX visualization in our Demo Area .

Control4, URC or RTI Integration

The SC040m can be integrated into the media control of RTI, URC and Control4 systems. The drivers, which are available free of charge, enable the integrator to integrate into the very individual media control. This means that the trivum multiroom system can be controlled and further automated using the remote controls available from RTI, URC or Control4.

Paging / Text2Speech

The built-in paging function uses the Text2Speech function: Any text you enter is converted into speech and then played as an announcement. Announcements are started by KNX or through actions and can be played in selected or all zones with predefined volumes. If necessary, with a gong in front of it. The paging can also be used as a doorbell - or at the push of a button "Children please come up. Dinner is ready." 

Background Music

Background Music makes it easy to listen to the same music - without grouping zones. This is ideal for commercial installations with many different areas.
Background music is provided by a specific zone, and all other zones can use that zone's music as a source.


Every trivum multiroom system has the option to define macros and start them via action or KNX event. A macro is a sequence of macro steps. A step can be a TCP, UDP, HTTP, MQTT, KNX, delay or a trivum action command.

NodeRed / MQTT

To support IoT applications, every trivum multiroom system includes a simple NodeRed and MQTT interface. This allows you to connect the trivum multiroom system with the entire world of IoT technology.

trivum API

Many functions of the trivum multiroom system can be accessed via trivum's developer API. This means that you have full access to the system with simple HTTP requests. You will receive complete zone status information back immediately when changes are made in XML format. This allows you to integrate the trivum multiroom system into your own visualization or media control.

Try it now with the live demo

Do you want to check now whether everything is as described? Then try it out now with our demo systems that we have at trivum in Stuttgart. It is a SC344m SoundSystem that runs t3OS V10. It is the same operating system as on an SC040m. Or visit our Demo Area!

  • Use the web app to control the music and KNX.
  • Configure a real trivum SoundSystem. 
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trivum SC040m • Erscheinungsdatum:  Juni 2024 • Artikel Nr.:   201022 •...
Product Information "Technische Daten "

trivum SC040m

• Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2024
• Artikel Nr.: 201022
• EAN Nr.: 4260393851054
• Zoll Tarif Nr.: 85 198 100
• Produkt URL: 


• 4x analog oder digital Stereo an 3,5mm Klinkenbuchse


• AC 100V-240V (max. 10 Watt)
• Stromverbrauch bei Leerlauf (ohne aktive Zone): 5 Watt


• Schwarz lackiertes Stahlblech
• Gerät: 216 mm x 50 mm x 127 mm (BxHxT)

• Mit Verpackung: 300 mm x 65 mm x 200 mm (BxHxT)
• Gewicht: 1,26 kg


• 1x Netzwerk (RJ45 Buchse) 
• 1x USB (für Service)
• 1x Triggeranschluss für 8 konfigurierbare Schalt- Ein-/Ausgänge (2x5 polige Buchsen)
• 4x Klinkenbuchse 3,5mm für analog Audio oder Mini TOSLink
• 1x USB-C trivum AudioBus Input (SDAT/MDAT)
• 1x USB-C trivum AudioBus Output (MDAT)
• 1x Power (IEC 60320 C5)


• LAN (RJ45 Ethernet)


• 1x trivum SC040m
• 1x Netzkabel
• 1x Quick Installation Guide
• 2x Steckbare Anschlussklemmen für Trigger (5 polig)

SC311m SC311m
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SC340m SC340m
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SC344m SC344m
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