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PS24/100 PS24/100
DIN rail power supply for the trivum REG music actuators. Voltage: 24V Power: 100 watts Width: 70mm (4SU) The RP341 require 2 power supplies. For RP010, RP310 and RP311 and RA410 one power supply each.
€41.17 *
Digital Input Adapter Digital Input Adapter
Input Adapter
€184.03 *
Analog Input Adapter Analog Input Adapter
With the Analog Input Adpater you can connect music sources to certain trivum SoundSystems. The SoundSystem can be far away from the music source, because the adapter used a CAT5/6 cable to transfer the music signal to the SoundSystem. A...
€184.03 *
InStreamer InStreamer
Increase the number of audio sources available on your trivum multiroom system. With AUX/RCA and SPDIF interface. Stream everything - into all Rooms.
€276.47 *
In-wall box In-wall box
Flush mounted-box for trivum 7" and 4.3" TouchPads - the Control Panels for trivum Multiroom Systems and KNX/EIB Smart Home Installations.
€29.41 *
19-Inch Rack Mount Kit 19-Inch Rack Mount Kit
Brand-new in the trivum Online Shop: Brackets for mounting a trivum SC344v2 Multiroom System in a 19-inch rack. Inform now!
€41.18 *
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