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TouchPad 4
TouchPad 4
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TouchPad with RedDot Design Award The TouchPad 4.3" is hardly bigger than a light... more
Product information "TouchPad 4"

TouchPad with RedDot Design Award

The TouchPad 4.3" is hardly bigger than a light switch. But you have many more options: choose your music and if your house is controlled with KNX, you have all the KNX functions on the TouchPad. Even without KNX you see weather information and webcams - maybe from your next vacation spot?

State-of-the-art technology in a timeless design - this is the TouchPad 4. The beautiful display can be easily operated thanks to capacitive touch and has a pleasant size which makes it appear very reserved.

The elegance of the design is also evident in the user interface. The user interface, reduced to the essentials but graphically very appealing, intuitively guides the user through his music collection, enabling him to call up light scenes or weather information.

The trivum system has achieved an impressive balance between standard and adaptability: Despite the enormous possibilities of the trivum Multiroom System together with the trivum 4.3″ TouchPad, an individual adaptation without costly programming for the individual customer is possible.

The strength of the user guidance lies in its simplicity: all main functions can be reached immediately. To listen to the radio, adjust the station, change the volume or start the TV, for example, no navigation in the menu is necessary. Changing rooms, forming groups, taking music with you or switching off music throughout the house - everything is intuitive and quick to operate. And thanks to the online software updates, the TouchPad is always up to date.

As a room controller, it controls lighting, air conditioning, blinds, scenes and, for example, door openers. It displays information from cameras, weather services and energy monitors.

The trivum 4.3″ TouchPad is designed for wall mounting. It is connected to a standard POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch via a CAT5 network cable. This switch is also used for the power supply.


Music control

trivum 7

With the 4.3" TouchPad you have full control over your music. Select the room you want to control in the upper left corner. To change the source, direct actions are always visible on the right. This allows you to switch from radio to streaming or to your turntable in no time at all.

Choose your favourite playlist from Spotify or play music via AirPlay: it's really easy and intuitive. The search in the music archives and streaming services (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal) doesn't hold any surprises. Everything is already known in its place and from other music apps.

The main advantage of the TouchPad is that it is always on. Always in the same place. Always only music and possibly light controls. No other applications that interfere or have to be closed before. The music has its place on the wall and can be switched on and off just as quickly. Because sometimes it just has to be quiet quickly. And the TouchPad is also perfect for this.



trivum 7


Integrated into a KNX home automation environment, the 4.3" TouchPad allows you to control light, heating and shutters, to name just a few of the functions. And not only that: simply connect your trivum Multiroom System with the KNX sensors. Completely new and exciting time and scene controls are thus possible.

With the KNX control panel editor, you can adapt the KNX user interface entirely to your requirements.

TouchPad as room controller

The user interface in KNX control mode is freely configurable. Up to 8 pages can be created. Buttons of different sizes can be placed on each page. The following buttons are currently available:
Switcher Switches a light on/off
Dimmer Switches a light on/off and dims from 0-100%.
RGB Witches an RGB light on/off, dims from 0-100% and determines the light color.
Jalousie Jalousie and roller shutters are controlled with long/short and absolute values. 4 presets are available for each blind.
Climate For climate control, external actuators and sensors are controlled by means of comfort/night/standby/freezing and setpoints. Values of temperature sensors are displayed.
Display For displaying KNX values such as temperature, status, text etc. from various KNX sensors/actuators.
Scene KNX or TouchPad Scene
Timer Activates/deactivates one of the KNX timers integrated in the TouchPad
Macro A macro is a series of commands that are executed one after the other. The commands are commands for executing KNX commands, TCP commands, UDP commands, etc.
Clock Clock with different skins
Audio  displays title, artist, album and album cover when music is playing.

A classic stopwatch

Weather Weather forecast with temperature, humidity, wind speed, sunrise/sunset time, for up to 5 days.
Webcam Images from IP cameras with Motion JPEG standard are displayed and can, if motorized, also be controlled.

Navigates between the screens.
Text Any text with customizable color and size freely placeable on the screen.

Text Any text with customizable color and size freely placeable on the screen.
Image Image file freely placeable on the screen
Browser displays a web page with the help of the built-in web browser.
Lock blocks the page with a PIN code



Further functions of the TouchPad

  • WebCams according to the MotionJPEG standard can be connect
  • Each TouchPad also has a KNX visualization built in: This allows the KNX house to be controlled from any smartphone.
  • A built-in, extensively adjustable time switch can send KNX telegrams.


Very easy assembly



The installation of the 4.3" TouchPad is child's play and only takes a few minutes. The TouchPad is mounted in the trivum installation box with the help of the 4 super-strong neodymium magnets (included in the scope of delivery)..

By the way: Both the 7" and the 4.3" TouchPad fit into the same installation box. A change to the trivum 7" TouchPad is therefore possible at any time - quickly, cleanly and without chiselling.n.



(Using a 4.3" TouchPad)


The example shows how a trivum 4.3" TouchPad can be used as a music and room controller.

The combination of TouchPad and Multiroom Player, in this example an RP311, results in a complete Multiroom system for playing various music streams, radios and music from other devices (via line-in). The individual sources and zones (if available) are selected and controlled via the TouchPad. Volume, next/previous title or album, stations, favorites etc. are just some of the numerous functions.

Integrated into a KNX environment via a KNX/IP router, the TouchPad becomes a KNX room controller. Light, blinds, heating, ventilation etc. can be controlled with each TouchPad in the system. The KNX functions are configured via the trivum WebConfig interface and can be accessed from any browser-enabled device. The installation of expensive additional software is not necessary.

The KNX user interface is also set up via WebConfig and can be adapted individually. Various buttons are available for on/off switch, dimmer, RGB light control, blind/curtain, HVAC (climate and fan control) and simple

 Displays zum Anzeigen von KNX-Werten und Makro/Szenen-Funktionen zur Verfügung.

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Resolution: 480 x 272 Screen diagonal: 4.3" Display type: TFT LCD...
Product Information "Technical details"
Resolution: 480 x 272
Screen diagonal: 4.3"
Display type: TFT LCD
Receptacle: trivum Receptacle made of aluminium (see accessories)
Connections: Network and power supply via POE (Power Over Ethernet) with beam connector (included)
Colour: Balck, Silverr
Frame: Aluminium
Weight: 300 g
Dimensions (display: 110mm x 110mm x 6mm
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