Upgrade to "Pro" for SC044

Upgrade to "Pro" for SC044
Upgrade to "Pro" for SC044
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       Special feature of the 'Pro' version:... more
Product information "Upgrade to "Pro" for SC044"

 Special feature of the 'Pro' version:


  1. Extension of the warranty from 2 to 4 years
  2. Access to premium support

    Premium Support enables the specialist partner to use the direct and fastest support for the purchased product. This means that questions, e.g. occur during the installation, can be solved by the specialist partner directly on the spot by phone with the developers of trivum. This often saves another appointment for solving a question or problem. The customer and the specialist partner save time and travel costs for further appointments.
    After the release of the customer, the Premium Support also includes the option of remote maintenance. This usually eliminates the need, in case of problems, for the specialist partner to be on site to solve problems / questions with the customer. This also saves on travel costs, but more importantly, even the customer does not have to coordinate an appointment with the specialist partner in these cases, nor should he be there himself.


Activate your Pro license really easy and fast


After purchasing this article you will receive a license key by e-mail. You enter it in the web interface of your trivum SoundSystem. Done! The Pro functions are immediately available to you.


  • Activation of Pro functions is ONLY possible with SC044 Home and not with SC044 PRO. Since the PRO version already contains all functions of "Activation Pro".


Functions that are active after activation:

  • KNX Support
  • Control via RTI
  • Extended DSP with 5 bands
  • Zone groups
  • Paging
  • Macros
  • HTTP/XML interface
  • Advanced settings



Are you a professional and would like to use the appropriate technology or integrate SC044 in your home with other technologies?

Then the "Activation Pro" is for you, so you can make your SoundSystem even more flexible and enjoy all the features of the Pro version.


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